Our Approach. We want to show that, despite contrary developments in some companies, you still can do business in favor of quality and precision rather than by focusing only on cheap prices and high speed work: By appreciating and supporting the value added based on carefully made products which ensure a high durability and a lasting way of usage.
Our mission is to help saving the proven and successful techniques and ways of working of Japanese blacksmith masters and to thereby keep the centuries-old and reliable tradition of Japanese knife-making alive. We are happy about anyone sharing these views and goals. And we are confident, that those who esteem the outcome of quality work that is done with passion and effort will come to similar conclusions.

The Circle Of Joy. One of the basic and constituting frames of our business and our way of working is our idea of an ideal way of work life, called the Circle of Joy. The circle of joy is an approach to have a look at the “bigger picture”. It describes the relations of a smooth rhythm of work, the necessary items and requirements to achieve this rhythm, and the resulting positive impacts on the work outcome and possibly and subsequently on the interactions with partners connected to the work subject. The keynote is: Good working conditions lead to good work, good work leads to satisfaction and good relationships with business partners, which in turn guarantees a positive and comfortable working environment. Everyone involved benefits from such a situation. To avoid frustration, one of the essential aspects in this reflection is to choose the right facilities and accessories needed for work. In the case of kitchen knives this means: Choose quality. Choose pleasure.

A Japanese Example. A good knife stays with his owner for decades. If it is used the right way, a knife is not just a tool. It becomes the extended arm of the user. From our point of view, this is the only way to get the best possible results when using it. The connection you build with the tools you use depends the outcome. Accordingly, it is no coincidence, that for a long time Japanese people have been identifying with the tools they use and therefore choose only the best ones they can get and look out for them as good as possible. The work done by Japanese is seen as reliable and excellent all over the world. We are sure, that a huge part of this fact results from their valuation for the tools they are using. Be smart and follow their approach.
Believe us: It is worth it. That is a promise.

Best Wishes
Your Akifusa Team